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Why Human Analysis is Still Critical for Background Checks

It's indisputable that technology has made work life easier and faster for many industries – almost to a fault as it’s now harder than ever to leave work at work. We’re quick to believe that anything generated by computers is as near perfect as it can get – that artificial intelligence (AI) can beat the real deal.

The world of human resources is no exception to this rule.

AI does, for the most part, dominate background checks – how they’re conducted, what is being searched for, and when the searches are launched. It’s certainly easier to rely on technology, but is it always as effective and reliable as we imagine?

The reality is that automatic database searches are limited in what they can offer and their results can be flawed. They don’t often have full coverage and don’t assess factors that can affect employment, such as “Negative News” and how individuals reflect their views on such matters – or worse, get caught in the news themselves. Think of the #MeToo movement, for example. Or more recently, U.S. troops being screened ahead of the January inauguration. How can AI find and flag these pivotal moments of a person’s professional and personal history?

It can’t. At least not alone.

Relying solely on AI to conduct background checks and other forms of employment screening removes all human analysis, instead asking people to rely on collected data and algorithms, taking them at face value. However, it takes a human being to ensure that the data collected is accurate; to implement a more comprehensive and thorough vetting process. Furthermore, background checks aren’t only reserved for pre-employment screenings. Consider the importance of screening a candidate who is up for a big promotion. The last time they were checked? Probably a decade ago, when they were first hired.

By combining technology subject matter expertise, our analysts at Voyint access multiple global databases that screen and cross-reference against 36 billion publicly available records. The ability to leverage the latest tools and databases, paired with intelligence tradecraft – Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Social Media Intelligence, Deep Web Research – allows us to provide a background investigation service that is thorough, timely, and cost-effective.

Ranging from the basic background checks (Criminal checks, education and employment verification; sexual offenders search) for employees, to far more granular deep dives for top-tier hires (think watchlist reviews, adverse media searches and social media reviews), tiered packages offer the best of both worlds where human analysts and AI combine their best assets to produce unparalleled results.

The competition may be fierce with technology, but the verdict is in: human intelligence still reigns supreme.


Voyint specializes in enhanced pre-employment background checks. We creatively combine the latest tools and technologies with subject matter expertise to offer a service beyond instant checks. To learn more, visit our Background Checks page.

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