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How a Deep Dive Background Check Can Prevent PR Nightmares

We all know that someone’s reputation can precede them, but have you considered how it could impact your company to hire an executive without assessing their reputational risk first? The reality is that younger, newer hires tend to undergo more strenuous background checks while C-suite executives (or partners) tend to maneuver through tightknit networks. Consider, also, promotions of internal staff to C-suite positions. What are the chances they’re being rescreened for the role?

In our last piece, Making the Mark for Pre-Employment Background Checks, we underscored the importance of conducting comprehensive background checks for all hires. But consider what hangs in the balance for those top-tier individuals who are outward facing – the voice, face, or reputation of a company. Hiring someone who is not only well-established within the industry but also vetted and proven to align with your company’s expectations and public image is essential.

Enhanced level background checks can determine an individual’s professional, legal, and overall reputation, and often can act as a supplement for the basic background checks virtually all hires go through (see our Tier 1 package). After all, do you really want to consider a candidate for chief financial officer who has filed for bankruptcy? Taking the time – and investing the money – to dig deeper to uncover things like an unsavory social media presence, shady global business activities, or a troublesome financial reality could change the trajectory of a potentially questionable hire.

A Tier II or Tier III package could take longer – anywhere from 4-7 business days, depending on the information requested – but can cover everything from screening watchlists (such as OFAC or OIG/SAM), to researching someone’s global media and news profile. And that’s assuming the basics of any background check pass with flying colors. After all, the falsification of degrees or padding of resumes isn’t just left to the new graduates or mid-level hires, and while exaggerated dishonesty is often viewed unfavorably, the backlash of these discoveries will often be minimal.

However, risky behavior or controversial practices can run the gamut and executive hires that aren’t vetted properly can be a stone’s throw away from becoming a PR disaster – the effects of which will ripple throughout the company. The riskier or costlier a hire, the more critical and worthwhile it is to partner with a full-service firm that relies on human analysis and expertise to do an effectively thorough job.

At the start of this piece, we touch on the idea of rescreening an internal candidate up for promotion. Tier II and Tier III packages don’t have to be limited to pre-employment opportunities. Consider the importance of proactive reviews of executives or partners to see what their online exposure is. Why not have the power of knowledge on your side to make as well-informed of a decision as possible?


Voyint specializes in enhanced pre-employment background checks. We creatively combine the latest tools and technologies with subject matter expertise to offer a service beyond instant checks. To learn more, visit our Background Checks page.

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