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Glass Buildings

Investigative services for compliance, risk mitigation, and assurance

We regularly work with Human Resources, Security and Compliance, Legal Counsel, and Vendor Management. 

Services: Service


We target opportunities that support Veteran Services, National Defense, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, and International Development. 


In addition to Federal organizations, we focus on opportunities in the DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area, but are always looking to expand into new jurisdictions. 


We support all industries. A sample of our current clients include Law firms, Accounting firms, Private Equity, Non-Profit Organizations, and Medical/Healthcare. 


Collection, research, and analysis designed to adapt and scale for needs of varied scope and size based on the investigative requirements - third party vetting, Fraud, Waste, and Abuse (FWA), supply chain screening, just to name a few.


Our ability to conduct this work derives from our “intelligence-driven” process of combining Access to Global Databases, Human Intelligence Tradecraft, and Subject-matter Expertise.

Accountant Records

Access to Global Databases

We access multiple global databases that screen and cross-reference against 36 billion publicly available records. These are industry-leading data companies that provide us tools to access valuable public information, which is then used as a starting point in our process. We continue to enhance our data coverage by expanding to new data resources, which allows us to maintain one-stop access to global business and individual information.

Computer Tutorials

Human Intelligence Tradecraft

We supplement database results with Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) collection through the web to uncover information from deep web searches, social media, and offline data sources that are not reported through automated searches. This tradecraft comes from intelligence processes and methodologies that our team developed from experience supporting federal and industry organizations.


Subject Matter Experts 

Our team is comprised of investigative professionals with diverse academic and professional backgrounds, ranging from military, intelligence, investigations, and technology experience. This provides us an understanding of how to uncover information beyond a standard internet search and find details of potential risk at the most obscure levels. 

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