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Beyond instant database searches:

Enhanced background checks

for growing organizations

Sometimes information is readily available; other times it is limited, hard-to-find, or confusing. Fast-paced teams don't have time for this. Our Analysts will ensure the “right” level of research and analysis is conducted, regardless of difficulty.

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Free sign-up and no commitment


Access to global databases and tools that provide the latest information


Investigative professionals that analyze data collected to ensure quality  



Reports that don't make you work for results or findings

Full service from Request to Deliverable that meets

FCRA Compliance


Database Criminal Check

Interns, Volunteers, Entry Level

A basic criminal search through online databases for individuals that require a minimum background check and do not offer a serious risk that would warrant the enhanced Tier I, II, or III background checks below. 

TIER 1Package

Staff, Specialist, Manager

Essential review of a candidate, focused on online U.S. public records searches with an emphasis on criminal, civil, and adverse findings. We also identify jurisdictions or verification services that are not reported through databases. 

TIER 2 Package

Sr Manager, Partner, Executive

Enhanced review to verify an individual's professional credentials, legal status, and overall reputation. This package includes Tier I services and serves as a recommended starting point for Manager+ candidates

TIER 3 Package

Sr Executive, Sr Partner, C-Suite

Extensive assessment to provide a comprehensive picture of the subject and will include all searches covered in Tiers I and II, as well as additional searches through open sources, social media, and international databases.

Our clients have access to the tiered packages, which include the standard services below. Additional services can be added and custom packages can be created. Average turnaround times are 3-7 business days. 


Social Security Number Trace 

Address Verification and History

Federal Criminal Records (7 years)

Nationwide, State and County Criminal Records (7 years)

Sexual Offenders Search

Employment Verification (Most recent)

Education Verification (Most recent)


Federal Criminal (10 or 20 years)

Nationwide, State and County Criminal (10 or 20 years)

Federal Civil Records (10 or 20 years)

State and County Civil Records(10 or 20 years)

Employment Verification (Last 3 or All in 7 years)

Education Verification (Last 3 or All in 7 years)

Motor Vehicle Searches

Bankruptcies, Judgements, and Liens Search

Bankruptcies Search

Professional License Verification

Sanctions and Watch Lists Review

Open Source Search

Social Media Search


International Criminal Search

International Civil Search

International Public Records Searches

Credit History Check

Global Media / Negative News Profile

Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) Screen

Biographical Source Review

Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council Searches

Professional Reference Checks

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